Bert Weill Productions

Boz set up Bert Weill Productions for his recordings and filmmaking.

‘bertweill’ is Boz’s youtube channel –… On this you can find a few of Boz’s own videos for his own music and that of others. Some experimental, others not. There is a rich live collection of other artists filmed at Chorlton Folk Club (run by Jozeph Roberts), Spoonful Live Music Revues (run by TG Elias) and stuff filmed elsewhere.

You can contact Boz through the Bert Weill Productions email:

Chorlton Folk Club

There is a huge collection being added to all the time of the scene which has Chorlton Folk Club as its hub. The club has a strong vein of singer/songwriters of all ages and seasoned blues and country players and a few traditionalists too. There are no mics, no amps, no parties of support for one particular artist who leave early – just an appreciative, attentive crowd who love their music and are respectful of those who bare themselves in the expectant silence… As well as promoting himself Boz is eager to promote this communal and supportive spirit that the folk club exudes. Cafes, bars, living rooms and cellars are beginning to thrive with this type of spirit towards live music which is a refreshing antidote to the tired competition, talent contest thing and a lot of the open-mic scene.